What is a farm share or CSA?

A Farm Share or CSA, as it is often called, is a relationship between the farm and its farmers with food-eaters. It is an opportunity to “buy in”, become a member of our farm, and reap the benefits that eating from the land has to offer.

It is a way for the community to access the freshest and most health-giving food possible. It is a healing package of food that gets delivered to your neighborhood weekly without having to make any trips to the grocer or make any decisions.

We believe that a CSA is more than “Community Supported Agriculture”. It is a mutual support of the land and each other. With support from our community we take care of the soil, grow the food, and harvest the bounty for the health of everyone involved.

How our Farm Share works:


Where can i pick-up my farm Share?

+ Queen Anne

Wednesdays at Pharmaca

1900 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle

+ Madrona

Wednesdays at Michele's house

Located between E. Union and E. Spring St, Seattle

+ University District

Wednesdays at the University Heights Center

5031 University Way NE, Seattle

+ Phinney

Wednesdays at the PNA

6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle

+ Ballard

Wednesdays at Stoup Brewing

1108 NW 52nd Street, Seattle

+ Wallingford/Fremont

Wednesdays, Location TBD

+ River Run Farm

Wednesdays at our Farm

2800 Woodcock Road, Sequim


How do I Sign Up?

It’s easy! Click on the button below and it will direct you to our sign up page. There you can choose between our full Farm Share, Farm Share-Mini, or if you live in Sequim, our Local Farm Share.

What if I can’t pay in one go or I’d like to split a share?

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, you can pay in separate installments. The payment plans are open to everyone, please see below for details. If you want to participate in a payment plan, please send a check.

First payment by June 1st: $195

Second payment by July 1st: $150

Third payment by August 1st: $150

Fourth payment by September 1st: $150

Feel free to send the payments in before those dates, too! You can also pay in two installments. It’s just easier for us to track payments with those deadlines in place. You can send your payments by check to:

River Run Farm

2800 Woodcock Road

Sequim, WA 98382

Yes, please sign up and make your payments by June 5th.

Is there a deadline to sign up?

Who are the farmers?

River Run is a small, organic farm on the Olympic Peninsula. We are a team of young, passionate food-growers. If you need to get a hold of the farm for any reason please us at farmshare@riverrun.farm and someone will be in touch!

You’ll meet the rest of the 2019 River Run crew by reading our monthly newsletter and keeping up to date with us on Instagram and Facebook!

What if I’ve never cooked with one of the vegetables before?

We only grow vegetables that we love to eat, so if you encounter one that is strange for you, we challenge you to give it the benefit of the doubt and explore what it might have to offer. Each week, in our weekly Farm Share newsletter, we offer a few cooking/preparation tips for the more obscure vegetables in the box. Of course a quick google search is a great resource if you need a quick cooking suggestion.

You can also visit our recipe page for inspiration and ideas on how to prepare different vegetables that we include in our Farm Share boxes. Feel free to come visit us at your nearest Farmers Market, send us an email, or message us on social media and ask us questions. We would be thrilled to help you learn more about the produce we grow and all of their wonderful health benefits.

We encourage you to find someone to split the share with. Your neighbor, your friend, your family--split a share with them! You don’t need to tell us anything other than who is splitting the share and their email addresses. We are happy to take two or three payments from separate individuals, whatever works for you and your shared-share team. If you choose this option, you are saving money on each box.

We will also be offering a smaller sized share in 2019 called our Farm Share-Mini. These will be weekly boxes containing approximately five items per box. This is a great way to try out a CSA and see if it works for you!

I don’t think I’ll be able to take on a full share .

Is there any way I can do a half share?

What if I can’t pick up my vegetables at the pick-up time?

Please email farmshare@riverrun.farm the Monday before and we will work with you and your drop-off site to see if your vegetables can be put aside for you to pick up at a time that works for you.

Each pick-up point will have its quirks, but we’ll find a solution!

Learn more about the pick-up locations here.

What if I can’t pick- up my vegetables at all?

We suggest that you arrange for a friend or family member to pick up your box for you. They can keep it safe and sound until you get back or enjoy it themselves! We trust that you all can work it out, so no need to let us know in advance.

If that’s not an option for you, please drop us an email farmshare@riverrun.farm the Monday before that particular pick-up so we can avoid harvesting and packing your share for that week. If you let us know in advance, we allow for you to come pick up a replacement at any of the Seattle Farmers Markets which we attend.

What happens if I miss a pick-up?

If you skip picking up your box without letting us know by the Monday prior to that pick-up, we unfortunately cannot replace that share. Try to let us know in advance so we can avoid harvesting and packing your share for that week.

Our team is small! We cannot put your share on hold. But, if you are going to be away, we really encourage you to go out and talk to your friends, family and neighbors. They can pick up your share while you are away.

Can I put my share on hold?

How does the “refer a friend” deal work?

If your friend signs up online, make sure that they put your name in the “recommendation from a friend” text box. If your friend pays by check, they will receive a confirmation email asking if they were referred by a friend. We'll keep track of your referrals and confirm with you after the sign-up period has ended in June.

Then, we will send the appropriate amount of vouchers depending on how many referrals you get (1-4 friends is a $20, etc). We’ll have $5 and $10 vouchers that need to be used at one time at any of the summer Farmer's Markets. We’ll make sure everyone gets the correct amount in vouchers.

Here is the deal: 1-4 friends = $20; 5-9 friends = $60; 10 friends = $100.

Can I use EBT/SNAP to pay for my share?

We’re still working on making this happen!