Produce Angels

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At River Run Farm, we are in the community-building business. If you are a prospective farm share member or a current member you can sign up 5 or more families in addition to yourself before June 12th to get a discount on your share.

Here’s how it works: As the farm share member, you become the designated “Produce Angel.” You will serve as the point person for your neighborhood, extended family, group of friends, etc.

The Produce Angel will receive $100 off of our Full Farm Share. Any community you are already a part of could become a farm share community!


The run down

You pick up the CSA farm boxes every week at one of our designated pick up sites in Seattle.

  1. You bring them back to your house, distribute them to your neighbors, have a weekly “pick up your veggies” potluck - how your group's veggies get to their final destination is up to you!  

  2. As the Produce Angel, you are functioning as your group’s weekly point person and are committing to your group to be the “delivery truck” for the weekly CSA farm boxes.

  3. You receive the Produce Angel discount on your share!

Once you gather 5 or more families to join you, email us at with a list of names of your friends who have signed up and their emails. We will reply with your Promo Code you can enter and then, you can buy your Share.

Our idea is this

If you are already going to the River Run pick-up site every week and have space in your vehicle to bring back your neighbors, fellow employees, or friend’s CSA boxes to them, then why not become your neighborhood’s or company’s, Produce Angel?  You get to share your love of awesome, nutritious vegetables, you get to help mitigate the environmental impact by only have a single vehicle do a pick-up and you are building community around a love of good food!

This program excites us because it not only fits with the values of our farm but how we run our communities and live our lives. We are excited to be able to offer this program this year and give our farm share families the “Produce Angel” discount on their share. We think this is a unique and delicious way to engage with your community and hope you do too!


What if I’m out of town? You can have a neighbor or friend sub for you and have them pick up the CSA boxes that week

Can I split a share between neighbors or friends?  Sure! There is an opportunity to split a CSA box between neighbor/friends and divvy up the produce equally.

How does the Farm Share-Mini Fit in? Or, they can purchase a Farm Share-Mini, our smaller CSA box; the discount for our Produce Angel only applies to our Full Farm Share.

download our flyer

Click here to Download a Flyer to email or text to your neighbors and friends. Or, click here for a printable flyer and you can give them a hard copy.

Let’s boost transparency from the ground up!